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P Ramlee was issued National Registration Identity Card No. 4131383 dated 16 June 1964 after he moved to Malaysia from Singapore.

Front page. Photo of P Ramlee at the age of 35 and both thumbs print.
Back page. The name is spelled as Ramli bin Puteh @ P. Ramlee.
His race identity not stated in the relevant section (second line on the left).
Birth register. The Penang State authority reissued a birth certificate bearing new names for
P Ramlee and his father.

Name of child:

Place of birth:

Date of birth:

Name of Father / Mother:

NRIC of Father / Mother:

Age of Father / Mother:

Citizenship status of Father / Mother:

Occupation of Father / Mother:

Race of Father / Mother:


Ramli B Puteh

40A Counter Hall

22 March 1929

Puteh B Karim / Che Mah

- / -

- / -

- / -

Steelsman / -

Malay / Malay



Death register.  Death certificate issued on the day of P Ramlee death.

When Died:



Where Died:

Cause of death:

Confirmed by:


29.5.73 @ 5.30 a.m.

44 years old

Film director

On the way from house to Kuala Lumpur Hospital

Heart attack

Datin Dr Salmah binti Ismail

Osman @ Osman Abadi bin Mahmud